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Stepmother Helps Son Relieve Stress, To Pass His Class...

A good mother not only can tell when her son is stressed, but also knows exactly how to help him "relieve" his stress...

I have been super stressed out lately! My teachers have been piling on the homework, I have football practice every night of the week....and my "girl" situation has been less than ideal lately. (This is code for... I haven't gotten any pussy in a while, and all I have been doing is work, work, my brain is fried.)

How my mom knows this is beyond me, but she has always been able to read me like a book....and she just wants her son to be happy and succeed in life.

So when my mom came into my room to chat with me about my upcoming big exam, she could immediately see that there was a bigger issue...and that conventional methods were not going to help clear my head.

My mother understood that if a guy goes for too long without having an orgasm, that their mental capacity to handle things severely declines. (This is code for, if you have too much "baby batter" all bottled up need to empty the reserves which will free up other functions of the male body.)

Watch as my mom literally takes matters into her own hands, mouth and vagina to help her son explode his stress all over her warm nurturing, loving body. (Note: she is a great dirty talker...)

Released:Nov 10, 2017
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:20 min


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