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Cum For Mommy!

Are you and dad still fighting?

Yes sorry sweetie, I didn't want you to hear that.. But your father is has been lying to me for a while now.

C'mon mom, things can't be that bad! He's not such a bad guy.

Oh don't you try and defend him now, he's been coming home from work later and later these days... I know something is up with him.

I just hate seeing you so upset, you're not yourself anymore! Just give him another chance!

Let's stop talking about it.. come in the pool with me!! Remember how we would wrestle when you were younger??

It's been years since we've done this! Omg mom! What are you doing!?

I got you're pants! What are you gonna do now that you're all naked!! - Is that a boner? With you're own mother in front of you!!

Stop mom, we shouldn't be doing this... Are you touching me! This isn't right mom...

I know you like it, you're already hard for me. I like what I see, you can touch me too

Omg what if dad comes home or the neighbors see us!

Don't worry about that, just be a good boy and make mommy happy!

My mother and I have our fun teasing each other in the pool. I tried to pull away but it was the first time I'd seen her happy in a while... plus she's in great shape these days. She looks so good and I probably shouldn't do this... but I'm only a man. She begs me to stick it in her. I love seeing my mom bent over with her ass in the air, craving me inside her. Once I cum in her, she instantly realizes how bad of a mistake she's made and makes me leave before dad gets home...

Released:Jul 28, 2017
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:20 min


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