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Stepbrother Doesn't Take Rejection Well...

Does sis really think that she can tease me for weeks on end and then reject me when I make the first move? Something must be up with her... Why else would she flash me around the house and brush up against my private area as she walks by?

After about a week of her acting like this... something had to give! I had to confront her and find out what's going on!

I walk into the bathroom while sis was doing her makeup...

We need to talk.

Are you serious? You can't just walk in while I'm in here!

I just need to ask you a question...

Ugh what?!

Are you fucking other guys??

Maybe... Why do you care, you're my brother!

Why do I care? You've been flirting with me for a month and now you want nothing to do with me!

Well I changed my mind, I don't think it's a good idea...

Come on sis, let's try it just this one time!

No! Now get out!!

There has to be something I can do to change my sister's mind. Let's face it, the only reason she's with these other dudes is because she's ashamed to fuck her own brother! But we can still mess around and nobody would have to know!

Released:Jul 06, 2018
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:18 min