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Let Stepmom and Stepdad Help You Get Off?

My wife and I got a call from a poilce buddy of mine that our daughter has gotten into some trouble. There's a small chance that she could face jail time, but I can easily get her case thrown out of court... My daughter knows I'm the only person that can help her out, and I know she'll do just about anything for my help...

This is the perfect time to do this hunny! She's vulnerable and desperate...

Are you sure we should? She is our daughter after all...

I know you want it just as bad as I do, we've been talking about this forever!

The thought of you going down on her does turn me... Are we really doing this?

Yes! She'll do anything for us right now since we're the only ones that can keep her out of jail!

After talking it over with my wife, she convinced me that it would be easy to manipulate her young mind to allow us to have our way with her... We pulled up her shirt and made her promise not to tell anyone about this... She was hesitant at first... but finally gave in and let us have our fun... as a family. Watch as my wife and I screw and creampie our despairing daughter!! After I came in my daughters 18 year old fertel vagina, my wife licked my cum out her dripping spread pussy. I wasnt too worried about her getting pregnant, cause as a good mother, she said she would take her to the clinic to get a plan B pill. I have the best wife in the world, so thoughtful!!

Released:Jul 13, 2018
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:27 min


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