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Your Uncle Doesn't Need to Wear a Condom...Right?

I have a super sweet niece, who adores me! We have always had a kind of fun/special relationship. I am the cool "fun Uncle" in the family, who always makes any family get together less boring. She watched her watch her 1st rated R movie me with, and when she turned 18...I helped her snag a few drinks when her Father wasn't looking.

She also has definitely developed into a beautiful young lady. I started to really tell she was "developing" over the past summer. We would play fight in the pool, and when we would wrestle underwater, there was more to grab than normal. I think she liked when I touched her, or at least she never said anything to stop me....and she always wanted to wrestle. Either way, she was definitely filling out her bikini more...and I was taking notice.

So when her Father told me she had been acting up lately...and he was concerned it was over boy issues, I thought I might be a good person for her to turn to for "guidance".

Watch as I talk my niece into agreeing that I am the right guy to teach her about what boys like sexually. I get her to trust me so much, that she lets me enter her without having to put a condom on.

You could tell she was very nervous the whole time, but I didn't care. I just wanted to feel the sweet juices of my niece's vagina, and man...she was soooo tight!

Released:May 04, 2018
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:29 min


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