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Aunt Pauline's Punch!

It's in the middle of the family reunion that sis and I start bonding. We talk about all the drama between family members and how crazy they get after the drinks come out. We share funny stories about past memories over a smoke outside. Sis reminds me of our Aunt's famous punch she brings to every family get together

No one in this family can handle that stuff

I know it's like they turn into a bunch oversized babies

Have you ever tried it before?

Once, but it was just a sip

We should sneak some later.. meet me in my room in 10 minutes!

She actually managed to get 2 cups of the potent liquid, and before we knew it, we were totally faded! We talked about my ex and why I broke up with her.. Honestly, I was just not satisfied. She had no tits, no ass, nothing for me to grab onto. It was like fucking a stick!! I asked sis if she's into anyone at school, but she's just into the hook up scene..

I went for a second round and when I came back into the room, my sister had taken her shirt off! I knew she has huge tits, but had no idea just how big they were until she took them out right in front of me! I had to stop her when she began undoing her bra

What are you doing??

I thought I would cheer you up!

By taking your tits out in front of me? You know I'm your brother right?

Who cares, it's just us! Come on, just feel them

She grabs my wrist and grips my hand onto her huge natural breasts! I've never felt a pair of tits that were this big before, it was definitely a turn on. I had to know what those things looked like bouncing in my face.. Things escalate pretty quick and went from some light tit fucking to full on sex! I loved pounding my sister's tight pussy and watching her big naturals jiggle with each thrust...

After sis got off 3 or 4 times from my cock, it was my turn. I was impressed at how well sis sucked me off - I pumped her mouth full of my sticky cum and watched her spit it back down onto me, and lick it up again!

Damn sis, you're a freak!

Lol you are too, that was fun.. We should probably get back to the party

Yeah I'm sure Mom and Dad are looking for us.. You won't tell them, right?

Of course not! No one can find out about this...

Released:May 24, 2019
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:26 min


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