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Dorm Room Fantasy Sex with Stepsis...

Partying with my sister turned into a long night. We ended up back at her dorm room by the time the sun was up.. Haley said I could crash in bed with her since we were still a bit tipsy; and driving wouldn't be the best idea right now, so I take the offer.

I swear she was flirting with me all night, and now we're all snuggled up in her twin size bed. It was a risk, but I decide to take my chances and move in a bit closer.. With my hand rubbing her plump booty, my sister wakes up

Umm what are you doing?

Oh I thought you'd be into it..

You're my brother! You shouldn't be touching me like that!

Maybe I got caught up in the moment, but I didn't mean to freak her out! Looks like I'll have the bed to myself..

Never underestimate the power of your subconscience mind! I had the most vivid dream of me fucking Haley. She was saying the nastiest things to me, begging for my big dick to fill her up! It felt so real, like I was really pounding her tight pink pussy!

The attraction I have towards my sister is undeniable, but I know she'll never have sex with me. At least I get to have her as my personal slut in my own imagination!

Before I know it, I wake up to her kicking me out of her room-

You have to go now!!

What why?

This guy is on his way over, and you can't be here!

She rips the covers off me, exposing my hard on beneath the sheets! I scramble to find my clothes and leave asap! I can't be too jealous of her hooking up with another guy, my sex dream with my sister was the best fuck I've had in a while!

Released:Nov 23, 2018
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:28 min


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