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Stepdaddys Turn to Touch...

My little blonde princess has turned into quite the party animal. She likes to be out to all hours of the night, then waste the day away in bed.

Being a good parent, I have peeped on her phone and I can see the type of texting that she does...sending half naked pics to boys in her class. Plus I have found condoms in her purse, so I know my 18 yr old daughter isn't going to innocent slumber parties with her girlfriends (like she likes to tell her mother). But what she is really doing is being the school slut by spreading her legs so all the jocks can stick their little boners inside of her.

Well...her mother has gone away for the weekend, and of course she is wasting yet another day away in her bed. This is the perfect opportunity that daddy has been waiting for! Watch how daddy slowly undresses her, reveling her perfect natural titties, and then gets her to spread her legs for daddy so he can penetrate her soaking wet slut cunt.

Released:Oct 13, 2019
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:14 min


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