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I Know You Stole My Panties Step Bro!

My younger sister loves to start trouble in our family. Even when we were growing up, she was constantly causing drama by making up stories. I don't know how she got away with most of the things she did!.

She even through a party when our parents were out of town and blamed the whole thing on me!! Of course, since she's the youngest, their vision is skewed by her innocent face. But I know the truth about our perfect little angel..

A couple buddies of mine mentioned they saw my sister at a club hooking up with random strangers. For some reason this turned me on thinking about my sister maturing and having sex. I watched her grow up into a sexy young woman without a care in the world.

The want to fuck my sister wasn't going away, so I had to come up with something to keep me from pounding her young pussy. I went into her bed room and found a pair of sexy worn panties. The thought of her fresh pussy rubbing against the fabric made me go nuts!

After she told mom that my friends and I are stealing her stuff, I had to convince her that she must be misplacing her clothes. ""I know you took my favorite pair of panties!"" she yelled at me. There's no way I was giving up those panties, the smell of my sisters sweet juices are so intoxicating...

Right when my mind slips off for a second, sis catches me staring at her crotch with a full hard on! She totally swooned over my cock once I started pumping myself into her wet pussy. I didn't want to be too selfish so I admitted that I stole the panties and promise to give them back... only if she can keep this secret from mom!

Released:Feb 20, 2020
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:15 min


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