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Step-Sis Makes Memorial Day Memorable

It's been tradition to go on camping trips since I was a kid. Every Memorial Day weekend Mom, Step-Dad, Step-Sis and I spend a few nights in the great outdoors. Eating s'mores, going fishing, or hanging out with old friends; it's usually a great time!

But this year I'm just not into it. My girlfriend broke up with me and I'd rather stay in my tent away from everyone. But Kenzie, being the nosey little step-sister that she is, decides to make it her business and try to cheer me up. I thought playing truth or dare was an odd game to play alone in a tent with my step-sister. But I'll try anything to take my mind off of my ex girlfriend...

-After a few harmless truths, I ask step-sis to give me a dare.-

I dare you to take off your pants!

What? No way! Give me a truth!

You can't switch! Come on, it's not a big deal step-bro

I can't believe I'm doing this..

I pull off my pants and I swear step-sis was getting turned on.. She kept looking at my bulge and touching my leg.. Twirling her hair and biting her bottom lip as she gazes at me. All these little signs have me feeling horny myself.. I give step-sis her dare next

I dare you to touch it

Touch what?

Step-Sis was amazed that I asked her to jerk me off, and I was surprised at my request as well. But a dare is a dare! Now step-sis has to finish what she started.. Watch as things escalate from light hand play to full on sex between siblings!

Kenzie gives the sloppiest blowjob as she throat fucks me. Spit bubbles pour out of her mouth while she strokes and gags on my throbbing cock!

With my thumb up her ass, my step-sister bounces her tight 18 year old pussy on my shaft. Sliding her pulsating cunt up and down on my hard dick.. She covers her mouth, attempting to hold back her moans so mom and step-dad won't hear.

Finally, I flip step-sis onto her back and fill her up with my thick white load!

I'll NEVER forget this Memorial Day!

Released:May 22, 2020
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:29 min


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