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Step-Sister Caught Trying Libido Enhancer

I guess my step-sister was trying to party with friends hard tonight at the club and was gonna take an enhancer like Spanish fly to make sure she feels when partying. I guess she wanted to give it a try before she used it at the club but she was not ready for the rush she was about to get. I catch her running into her room as soon as she drinks it, I follow her and see what she is doing. Melody strips out of her clothes and starts to hump her pillow, she was moaning like no one was home. I had to walk in on her after she was shocked but then it seemed like she was so happy to see me. Melody begs for me to fuck her, she says she needs to feel me inside of her now. No matter how much I say no, she continues to pressure me into fucking her. It didn't take that much pressure cause she is so hot, but soon as we were done she kicked me out of the room and was done with me.

Released:Feb 05, 2021
Studio: My Pervy Family
Length:17 min


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