Tenga 3D Sleeve - Spiral


Tenga 3D Sleeve - Spiral


Tenga 3D - The next revolution in masturbation, meant to be turned inside and out, getting pleasure from all sides. Pursuing exquisite design in male pleasure products, Tenga 3D offers unique products that are sure to excite. Tenga 3D welcomes anyone to challenge the norm and enhance your pleasure beyond imagination.

Tenga 3D Spiral is a luxurious path of twisting curves. The Spiral is an adventure through swirling pleasurable trails. Perfect for fans of lightly ribbed or textured toys, squeeze Spiral for desired tightness and spinning feeling. A form created from winding hexagonal plates. Both the varying sensations of the spiral form and the detailed ribs of each step of the walls combine to provide two separate stimuli catering to those adherent to both hard and soft sensations.

What are the experts saying?

"The fertile minds at Tenga never cease to amaze us. Their latest creations are getting rave reviews not only from loyal fans, but outsiders as well. The 3D creations were recently awarded the Red Dot Award for Design. Simplicity is the biggest draw of these masturbation sleeeves. Clear packaging allows you to see the texture of the sleeve, since it's turned inside out. The Spiral version is a winding design, created by sculpting the sleeves into a hexagon with ridges and then twisting it. The combination produces two sensations, really sending users over the edge. The sleeve easily folds inside out and between uses for easier cleaning, and the packaging also serves as a drying rack and storage unit." AVN Magazine

Tenga 3D Sleeve Questions & Answers

Are the Tenga 3D Series reusable?

If you wash both sides, this product can be re-used. Proper maintenance will give the Tenga 3D up to 50 times so please try out our various lubricants. *Re-usage limit may differ according to methods of use.

Is there lube included with the product?

There is a one-use amount of Hole Lotion Real [Red] enclosed with the product. We recommend this lubricant for use with the Tenga 3D. *You may also use any other Tenga Lotion to lubricate the product.

There are different designs - what are the differences between them?

As the Tenga 3D is inverted upon use, each different design creates a different sensation. Please choose the one which most suits you.

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Product Details

  • Made By: Tenga
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Total Length: 4.50 in.
  • WidthMaximum: 2.00 in.
  • Box Dimensions:
  • Length: 6.25 in.
  • Width: 3.00 in.
  • Depth:3.00 in.
  • Weight: 0.5810 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Code: AF262


How should I wash this product?
• While inverting the Tenga 3D under running water, please wash off all remaining liquid. You may use body soap but please refrain from using any soap with high acid or alkaline content as they may erode the elastomeric material.
How to Dry
• Please wipe off any excess water from both sides of the product and stand the Tenga 3D - details facing out - half-way along the Stand to dry.
How to Store
• Once dry, place the Tenga 3D all the way down the Stand and place the Cover. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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Tenga 3D Sleeve - Spiral $38.97
Tenga 3D Sleeve - Spiral $38.97
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