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Natasha and Penny are best friends, she just so happens to be dating Penny's stepbrother, Jonathan. The three are friends and oftentimes hang out with each other. Natasha has a secret, she's been hearing things that aren't really there, feeling things that aren't there, and often times these sensations cause her to orgasm at the most inopportune times. Natasha decides to see a psychiatrist for her troubles without telling her friends, she wouldn't want them to think that she was crazy. Natasha doesn't know that Penny also has a secret. She practices voodoo, she's the reason that Natasha has these invisible sensations. Penny is a lesbian and has been in love with Natasha since she met her. She wants to persuade Natasha into trying out a woman, and what better woman than herself? Watch the story unfold. Will Penny seduce Natasha? How will Penny seduce Natasha? Will Natasha finds out Penny's secret?

Released:Aug 16, 2018
Length:30 min

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