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Full Movie: Roommate Romance

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Roommate Romance

"Well it all started when I confessed that I walked in on my brother and his girlfriend having sex, and I was fascinated by the beauty of her. She had red hair, fair skin, beautiful blue eyes, and when he fucked her, it was beautiful, like she was dancing. I could smell the sex in the room, Penny, I know it's shameful and gross because it was my brother, but it turned me on. I smelled her, her sweat, her pussy, and then later on I noticed that my pussy had the same scent. When John and I have sex, I like to go down on him after he's been inside of me, and get my scent on my lips, my taste in my mouth, and I like to imagine that I'm with a woman, not necessarily that redhead, but yeah-- she comes to mind."

Penny asks with interest, "are you telling me you're a lesbian?"

"No," Aaliyah laughs nervously, "I'm just telling you that I guess I have a little thing for redheads, for women, ? but I'm not gay."

Penny, "What did my brother say about all of this?"

"Nothing.. but he's been weird around me ever since I told him. He notices when I look at another woman when we're out, and he gets jealous if I notice another beautiful woman. I DON'T stare at other women, Penny, I just notice beautiful women, just like you would notice a beautiful piece of art, or a sexy pair of shoes. It's not a big deal.

He's become really jealous and paranoid. He's got to know where I am, when I'll be back, and he doesn't like me hanging out with any of my girlfriends, he only trusts me to be around you."

Penny considers the predicament. She loves her best friend, she loves her brother. She's like the three to get along, but to be caught up in some weird love triangle with her brother? That can't be... or can she find a way to make it right?

Watch the story unfold..

Released:Sep 03, 2018
Length:33 min

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